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Dr Mark will be in clinic at QUEEN ST BEAUTY AND HAIR once a month so bookings are essential.

Dr Mark has been working in the cosmetic injectible area since 2009, has been highly trained and uses market leading products. Dr Mark continues to participate in training and extending his experience in the provision of cosmetic injecting service.
Dr Mark aims treatments to achieve a natural beauty without being so obvious, often less is more. If the result is not enough then a top up is always possible. He will adjust the treatments to your face and desire for your appearance.

ANTI WRINKLE INJECTIONS are quoted on the amount to be used.

A minimum of 10 units and then multiples of 10 units depending on the desired result and areas requiring treatment.

A good starting point is 10 units per area.

The forehead, brow and crow's feet are the 3 areas most commonly treated. You can start with one, two or all three areas
The market leader product

$15.00 per unit      The number of units required varies 

FILLERS are quoted based on product, area, and result desired by the individual.

Fillers are not recommended for the forehead or frown lines.

An approximate guide and starting point for various areas is provided below:

Cheeks upwards from $510 (but commonly $850-$1700)

Naso-labial folds from $140-$280

Lips from $140-$280

Marionette Lines from $140

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